Grow-N-Handz American Hair Braiding Studio
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Grow-N-Handz American Hair Braiding Studio

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Grow-N-Handz American Hair Braiding Studio

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If you are looking for a Licensed, Professional Hair Braider. Experienced in Natural Hair *CARE*. That creates long lasting edge *PROTECTIVE* Hair Styles. *NO* Cutting/Burning your natural hair.


At Grow*N*Handz you will receive prompt, courteous service each time you visit. Come in get Pampered, Relax & Enjoy a "PEACEFUL EXPERIENCE"

  • Nice atmosphere, great location, near transportation.
  • ALL hair lengths & textures WELCOME
  • Upscale QUALITY / Reasonable RATES
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  Individual Braids / Box Braids
Single, Box or Individual braid styles are created with medium to large long length braids. The best hair extension for this style of braids is 100% Kanekalon hair. Because of the size and the length of the braids, I do not recommend the used of human hair; however, if you used human hair it should be at least 24 inches in length and bulked hair.
  Crochet Braids / Weaves
Crochet braids/weave is a protective hairstyle that can be used on any hair texture, hair concerns, or transitioning hair. As the name suggests, a crochet needle is used to insert packaged hair into natural hair that has been braided into cornrows. This style can be done with human or synthetic bulk hair. These get up and go styles are perfect for the busy, working, and/or low maintenance person. Please contact us for more details...
  Micro Braids
Micro Braids are small individual braids. This technique utilize a variety of colors to create a natural, elegant, and classy look. Both human and synthetic bulk hair can be used. We offer a variety of lengths and textures. Please contact us for your classy elegant look today.
  Dreadlocks & Dreadlock Extensions
The natural way to form dreadlocks is allowing the natural coil to lock on its own. This process can takes up to a year; however, there is an alternative method to achieve the same look and style.
By using Dreadlocks extensions, you can have the locs you always wanted. Let us do your Permanent Loc Extension, we use 100% Afro Kinky Human Hair when installing these locs. The natural hair is braided then wrapped with human hair extension. Temporary Locs involves the same methods as the permanent locs but use synthetic hair and the ends are heat sealed. Removal of temporary locs is a breeze; just cut the bottom of the locs, then unwrap it from the braided hair. This protective style can last up to three months while permanent can last as long as you want. Locs extension can be done on all hair textures and lengths. Contact us for the color, style, and length you want.
There are many different types of Twists:
Kinky Twist is a double stranded hair style in which the hair is woven into perfect spirals. This look can be created with natural, synthetic or human hair extension for braiding.
Micro or Senegalese twist are smaller two strand twist. The hair extension can be attached to the head by braiding first or twisting. For a quicker version of twist, try Havana twist which are the larger version of the above twist styles.
For endless options, contact us about our Nubian and 3 Strand twist methods.
  Cornrows & Goddess Braids
Corn Rows and Goddess Braids can be done with or without Extensions. These kind of braids are created close to the scalp. They can be done with human or synthetic bulk hair. Many styles can be created, with different lengths, colors, and designs. This versatile style can be worn up or down, in bun or twist.
  Tree Braids
Tree braiding is a hair-weaving technique that is also referred to as interlocking hair weaving. The method is highly favored because of its natural, undetectable appearance. In tree braiding, loose pieces of hair are woven into braids to create the desired volume and length. Tree braiding is a healthy, natural way to promote hair growth, and it allows the wearer to achieve the desired length without the damaging effects of fused extensions. This type of braiding combines the secure hold of a braid with the free-flowing style of a weave.
Artificial hair, either synthetic or human, is braided into the head of hair using a basic cornrow or individual braid technique. If using synthetic hair, one should choose a loose texture that does not tangle easily when separated, straight hair can also be used. Tree braiding can be done on any hair length and texture. Easy style to maintain & it also keeps your natural hair protected.
  Natural Hair Styles
Natural Hair styles are designed with your natural hair or extensions. Proper hair care is used to maintain your natural hair texture and style. Various styles can be created with natural hair such as twist outs, coils, twists, locs, rod sets, and etc. Please contact us for more information regarding natural hair care.

Walk-Ins Welcome & Appointments Preferred

Servicing , San Antonio TX 78244 USA
(210) 504-6292

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Grow-N-Handz American Hair Braiding Studio